Cross Cut

An everlasting and durable statement of faith! A cross, shaped from one single, solid diamond.
Distinctive in its high brilliance and innovative cut, the Cross Diamond is a fully faceted, fully cut to proportion single diamond of high quality that shines as a beacon of faith and devotion.
Wear it as a pendant, as earrings, in a ring or as a tie tack. The diamond Cross is the ultimate pronouncement of love and commitment.
We cut the Diamond Cross in affordable length sizes of 4.0-6.0 mm. larger sizes are available upon demand.
The Diamond Cross: Let your faith shine on.

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Capella Charms

Well, almost anything… Butterflies and stars, crescents and the sun, even skulls, we are here to make your wish in diamonds come true.   And while some shapes are simply impossible to cut in diamonds, we make possible just about anything else. Cut from high quality rough diamonds, we apply our enormous expertise to create just about anything, and still keep the price reasonable!
We welcome your ideas! Try us, you'll find out, like us, that anything IS possible.

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Name Your Diamond

Single diamonds, cut to the shapes of the letters of the alphabet. A brilliant idea! We invested a lot of expertise and effort into these, so each diamond letter has a shine and sparkle to rival the more mundane diamond cuts, while keeping the price surprisingly affordable!