Capella Jewelry - Brilliant Innovations

When it comes to diamonds, brilliance is the only thing that matters! Introducing, for the first time, the extraordinary new diamond cuts from Capella: the Cross cut Diamond, Numbers, Letters and many more, all cut from a single diamond, all beautifully faceted for the utmost brilliance, all extremely precious and unique, yet extremely affordable.

Capella is the brightest star in the constellation Auriga, the sixth brightest in the night sky and the third brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus and Vega.

Our designs are named after stars too, such as Merak, Rigel etc.

The Broukman family, owner of Cappella Jewelry and Cross in Diamond, has been a leading innovator in diamond cutting and polishing for almost 60 years now. The complete and profound knowledge of diamonds the family has been cultivating for over half a century was always complemented by the need to innovate, renew and improve the existing diamond cutting methods. Imagination, innovation and sheer curiosity have led the Broukman family through many successful endeavors in the diamond business and played an essential role in perfecting these amazing cuts.

Constantly experimenting with new and original diamond cuts, we urge you to check our website periodically for new and exciting shapes of diamonds, beautifully set in specially designed fine jewelry pieces. Come shine with us!